What is your Frizz Factor?

We have been battling frizz forever by whatever means necessary…. relaxers, keratins and Brazilian blowouts.  They are each damaging in their own way but still just a bandage. Try to avoid magic potions that claim to stop frizz by coating your curls.  All of these processes and coating products create a cycle of dependence as they are ultimately weakening your curls.  

Everyone should know that frizz is inevitable.  We are going to have frizz!   The sad reality is that frizz is self inflected.   Certain steps in our routine can make or break your frizz factor.  How much frizz is too much for you?  Learn your frizz factor.  You should see some frizz as good because it can add fullness and texture to the curl.  NYC Curls wants to give you the least amount of frizz possible by changing your bad habits and using the right products.