1) Make your own conditioner spritz

In a small spray bottle, mix 1 part conditioner with 2 parts water. This can be used during the day to fight frizziness and for touch ups.   This spray is also great for improving the look of 2nd day hair (which is those days you don’t have time to rewash/condition/dry your hair) or when dealing with curly kids.  In the morning instead of wetting the hair just mist the curls damp and clip if desired

2) Make your own gel spritz

In a small spray bottle, mix 1 part gel with 3 parts water.  Use this solution to help define individual curls when you are trying to revive 2nd day hair or when you just want to touch up your look.  Spritz the curl with your gel solution, wrap it around your finger, and then clip it for 5 minutes.  When it dries, it will give you a clean crisp curl.  Doing this to a few curls through out the head will help give you a more refined look.

3) Crude and classy

The cool thing with curly is that you can simply throw it up into the crudest of updos using a chopstick, pencil, or even just 3 bobby pins and it will give you a classy look.  This is a great tip when you are trying to manage 2nd day hair and it will look better than just pulling it back into a pony tail.

4) Use a silk pillow case

This smoother type of fabric will help prevent breakage while you sleep.  It will also help give you a less disheveled curl pattern to work with for those times you want to refresh 2nd day hair.

5) Use clips to add height when the top of your hair goes flat

Sometimes we all need an uplifting experience.... use clips to give your curls height and your hair will rise to the occasion. When wet, lift up your curl and pin it at the root. This is what we call the "clothespin method".  It will create height and allows your hair to dry faster.

6)  Scrunch and use pin curls to help define weak or unruly curls

Take the straight or unruly parts of your hair, mist them (with a conditioner or gel spritz as described above), wrap them around your finger, and pin them with clips.  Let it dry and it should give those parts a temporary defined curl.  You should also be scrunching your hair like crazy to help strengthen your curls.  We don't recommend using a curling iron as that may damage your hair.

7)  How to fight Summer frizz

To help control frizz when it is humid, you must leave in some of your daily conditioner.  The higher the dew point of the day, the more you should leave in.

8) Winter hair blues

When it is so cold outside that we are forced to wear hats, trying lining the inside with a silk material.   This will help fight frizziness and hat head as it will come off your head smoothly instead of feeling like Velcro.