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Do you have bad hair or bad habits?

We like to say no one with naturally curly hair has bad hair just really bad habits.  These habits were handed down to us by the generations of curlies before us.  Growing up curly is different now.  In the past, we were shunned for having curls. Today, there is a growing movement to be proud of your curls.  As we know, curly hair can be a bit unruly. If you unknowingly have bad hair habits, you can easily become frustrated and want to give up on your curls.  Many still fight their curls by continually straightening their hair with blowouts, flat irons, and expensive straightening techniques.  Think of your curls like muscles.   Curls have muscle memory and need the right routine to be strengthened and maintained.  If you are continually straightening your hair, is it any wonder that their ‘muscle’ ends up weak and confused?  Straightening leads to more frizziness.   Your curls will look so much better if you stop fighting them.  Accepting your curls is the most important step to having beautiful naturally curly hair.

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