New York City has been in the forefront of the naturally curly hair movement for many years.  Its broad diversity of naturally curly hair ranging from wavy to the tightest of corkscrew makes it the perfect melting pot to gain insight about curly hair.  Many of today’s best techniques and theories about naturally curly hair care started in New York City.

NYC Curls will provide you with the best overall philosophy to managing your naturally curly hair. We will provide you with a simple daily hair routine, many easy styling tips, all of the in's and out's of curly hair care, and several tips you should tell your stylist.   We also have our core product line that can be used as a part of your daily routine.

Our philosophy will be taught by Carlos Flores.  Carlos is a New York City based hair stylist who is a well known expert at mastering naturally curly hair.  Carlos has spent years educating his clients with the knowledge needed to be one with their curls. 

He will now teach you to....
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