Dry vs. wet cuts

You should only be getting your hair cut dry!  If your stylist cuts your curls wet, there is no way he or she can get a read on how your hair will look when dry.  If you ever had a hair cut that was too short, it was likely cut when wet.  The stylist can’t know how much it will curl up when it is dried.

Quality vs. quantity

Curly hair tends to be a slow grower.  The good news is that you shouldn’t need as many hair cuts as our straight hair friends.  You should expect a good quality cut to last 4 to 6 months or even longer.  The bad news is that you will have a longer recovery time if you get a bad or unexpectedly short cut.

Going straight

If you insist on sometimes wearing your hair straight, be sure to mention this to your stylist.  After he or she cuts your hair dry, they should be checking to make sure the ends are straight when your hair is wet right after it has been washed.

Coloring and highlighting your curls

Finding someone who truly knows how to color curly hair is not easy!  Some colorists do not realize that curly hair is extremely porous therefore anything that is supposed to be semi-permanent could act as a permanent. You should make sure that your colorist is not shampooing the color out of your hair.  Using a gentle cleanser or even a conditioner to remove the chemicals is more than enough!

Highlights are great for curly hair because they help add depth and movement to the curl.  Some colorists tend to over do it with highlights.  Less is more when it comes to curly!  Highlights should be brushed on as opposed to the usual foiling method.  Foiling can be harsh and sometimes acts like a relaxer by straightening the ends leaving you with a frayed, frizzy curl.

You can help keep your color from fading by not using a regular shampoo.  You should instead be using a conditioner based cleanser.  Every time you use a regular shampoo you are taking a layer of color out and that is true for curly or straight.