For over 15 years, Carlos Flores has been in the hair industry focused solely on naturally curly hair.  During his career, Carlos has been called a ‘Curl Expert’, a ‘Curl Guru’, and even a ‘Curl Genius’ by various web sites dedicated to curly.  The bottom line is that he is just truly passionate about his job which is caring for naturally curly hair.

The foundation of his passion started at an early age.  He was born one of five children to a Puerto Rican family in central New Jersey.  During his upbringing, he watched the women in his life struggle to tame their curly hair.  The problem then was more about them fighting their curls as opposed to embracing them. Carlos himself battled his curls by wearing his hair buzzed short for many of those early years.

While living in New Jersey, Carlos had several different types of jobs.  Many people are most surprised to find out that Carlos was once a very skilled car painter (which now explains why he is so talented at coloring hair using the painting method!)   It wasn't until after he moved to NYC in 1995 and his sister suggested he be a hairstylist that he found his passion.  Right out of school, he worked for many years at a top NYC salon dedicated to naturally curly hair.  During 10 of those years, Carlos kept his curls long allowing him to learn the ins and outs of curly first hand.  In 2007, he moved to the Mario Diab Salon to have more freedom to grow his career.

In 2008, one of Carlos’s favorite curly clients (who had been flying in from London) asked him to come across the pond and cut her and 4 of her friends in London to help pay for his next vacation.  That one trip has now grown into Carlos going to London 3 times a year to cut his many curly clients there.  It has also allowed him to travel all through Europe and gain clients from around the world. He has also cut clients in Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, and Paris.

He is now very excited about his new opportunity to share his own hair product line called NYC Curls and share his knowledge about naturally curly hair care to everyone through this website!