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"I left the salon with much more information, an arsenal of "tools" to care for my hair, and a cute, lively haircut. Carlos was also charming and funny. I had a fabulous experience and I look forward to many more haircuts from this talented stylist" -  Reviewed by abbyknitz

"My hair looked editorial perfect when I left and Carlos taught me how to replicate it on my own. My hair looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW. It makes 'sense' in the way it falls and it looks full without being bulky. The curls look 'free' without being wild and all this with way less effort than I had to put into it before. Yay:) Curly Girl Happy:) - Reviewed by rudeechick

"This is absolutely the best cut I've ever had - adorable and so easy to style. If you have curly hair and you're in NY, you would do yourself a huge favor to go to Carlos - you won't be sorry! Thanks, Carlos!" - Reviewed by LisaF1163

"I went to Carlos on February 29th. Because of all the great reviews, I traveled all the way from Bermuda just to have him cut my hair. He is wonderful. This was my very first curly cut, and I will be going back to see him the next time I am in New York. No, and I mean no one else will be cutting my hair again in life".  - Reviewed by Gresancia

"Carlos is truly a master with curly hair. I have a mix of curly and wavy, and he is able to fit it all together, and, make it work for my face, not just one style fits all, and he listens, does not just do what he wants. carlos is there to make the client happy, and i am, and all my friends i've referred to him are, they thank me frequently for referring him. he takes the time to review your hair routine, gives you as much or as little time as you need about this, as he tells you this is as important as the cut. so you leave there knowing how to best care for your hair. - Reviewed by rbb


"He gave me a cut that would grow out nicely and that is exactly what it did.
I have had shitty curly cuts for the past decade because no one can cut curly hair well enough so that it can grow without looking like a christmas tree. Unfortunately for Carlos, he cut it so well that I have not needed a cut or trim for a year and a half." -  Lauden M.
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