Knowing the basic ins and outs of curls is a good first step of obtaining the perfect natural curl.  On this page, we will also provide a simple routine that works for all types of curls, several easy styling tips, and things to consider before seeing a stylist.  So, let’s learn to know your curl and break those habits so we can instill the next generation with good hair habits

The INs & OUTs of Curly Hair

Loving your beautiful curls                              

Using water based products                                  

Gentle hair cleansers without sulfates                    

Finger combing in shower                                      

Leaving in some conditioner after showering            

Scrunching your hair dry with a   t-shirt                     

Using hair clips to obtain height                             

Diffusers or air drying                                            

Use silk pillow cases to help prevent breakage     

Dry hair cuts                                                       


Damaging your hair by going straight

Products with silicones that coat and weaken your curls

Regular shampoo

Combs, picks, and brushes

Squeaky clean hair and then applying tons of gel

Rubbing or wrapping your hair with a towel to dry

Pulling your hair back in a tight pony tail when wet

Regular blow dryers, and flat irons

100 brush strokes a night

Wet hair cuts that end up misshaped or too short